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With Weight Watchers, you're in good company

Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the world lose weight. .

The PointsPlus™ program

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Losing weight in the real world is even easier with the PointsPlus program.

Come join Weight Watchers meetings

Coaching and real-life insights to help you reach your goals

Try Weight Watchers Online

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All the information and resources you need to do Weight Watchers online

Discover Weight Watchers eTools

The Internet weight-loss companion for Weight Watchers meeting members

Weight Watchers Corporate Solutions

Employers: Want to keep your workforce in great shape? Read about the new Weight Watchers Corporate Solutions.

Weight Watchers Magazine

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The only magazine in America devoted to weight loss and well-being.

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Weight Watchers Foods

The PointsPlus® values are on the packaging. Just pick out your favorites and enjoy! Look through your grocery store for easy main meals, quick snacks and delicious desserts, from Weight Watchers SmartOnes®.

And find other Weight Watchers products in our online store.